Applying the right make-up is important

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The fact that the wedding day is one of the most important days in the life of a couple is no overstatement. The bride, in particular, does everything she can in her bid to look presentable and beautiful.

Also, planning out a wedding happens to be quite a task. The money aspect can’t also be taken out of the picture. Planning a wedding requires a lot of money. The list of expenses happens to be endless. Everything, right from the rings to the flowers and everything in between, requires you to shell out a huge chunk of your savings. Therefore, you need to keep a certain amount of your savings separately in order to meet the unexpected expenses.

For instance: Applying the right wedding make-up is quite important. As a bride, you got to keep a certain amount of money handy. It’d help you buy some of your favourite beauty products and lip colours.

Now, having the right set of make-up material is not enough. You need someone to help you with the make-up bit as well. Luckily, you’d find quite a lot of make-up outlets and hair stylists in Sydney who won’t charge much.

If you are confident enough, then you can manage the make-up part yourself. Here are a few tips that can be of immense help just in case you plan to apply make-up yourself (without seeking professional help).

1. Layering lip colors is a great idea

Layering the lips will provide you with a long-lasting and smooth finish. You can start by simply conditioning your lips. Using a simple lip balm, try softening up your lips. You can then apply lipstick. Apply a light layer at first. Use your lipstick  again in order to build a shade. You can even choose to apply a little lip liner. Press both your lips together to get a vibrant color.

2. Wear more makeup than usual

Bridal make-up is a time-consuming task. There’s a stark difference between bridal make-up and regular make-up. Bridal make-up is far more detailed and comprehensive than your regular make-up bit.

As far as the bride is concerned,  she has to wear the make-up throughout the ceremony. Therefore, it is advisable to apply a thick layer of make-up in order to avoid a washout.

3. Avoid sparkly stuff

Always remember that glittery eyeshadows and highlighters don’t look good during flash photography. Go for neutral tones and choose  eye shadows with a matte finish. Avoid excessive face powder.

4. Waterproof mascara sounds great

A waterproof mascara would stay in place for long. Not only are waterproof mascaras resistant to water, but to heat and sweat as well. A majority of mascaras tend to droop and melt during summer. Choosing a waterproof mascara can save you a lot of trouble.

5. Avoid using  white finishing powder

A white finishing powder would give you a ghostly glow. Sunscreens tend to do something similar as well. When the camera’s flash hits the powder on your face, your skin would appear clown white.

6. Defining the brows

Not everybody is born with bushy eyebrows. Such eyebrows help you in your bid to make an immediate statement on the day of the wedding. Brows happen to an important defining feature of your face. In case you don’t possess those perfectly-shaped eyebrows, then buy a long-lasting brow liner or darkener and start defining your brows. Work with the natural shape of the brow.

7. Your hair need special attention

Just make sure you don’t change your hairstyle just a few days before the wedding. Getting a haircut 3-4 days before the wedding can be ‘catastrophic’. Again, don’t be too harsh on yourself. Set realistic expectations and keep it simple.

And lastly,

Don’t overdo things. Just relax and apply normal make-up. Applying truck loads of make-up on the wedding day won’t help. Simply put, keep your make-up simple, vibrant, and straightforward.

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