Here’s How You Can Plan The Perfect All Girls Road Trip

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Tired of racing around all the time? It’s time for a weekend away from the monotonous work life. The most attractive idea for a break or vacation is a fun and friendly trip with your girl gang. Yes, you read it right. Though travelling solo does feel like a lot easier but embarking on a trip with the girls is definitely more fun.

Taking a road trip with your friends to some unknown land needs a lot of planning. Whether it’s your best friend’s hens nights in Sydney, or just a trip to get back in touch with your girls, whatever it is, this step by step guide will help you plan the perfect, all girls road trip effectively and smoothly.

Choosing the Destination

Deciding on the destination where you girls want to travel can be confusing, especially when your group is large. Each friend might suggest a different place she wants to explore. So, to narrow down the list – consider parameters like weather, top attractions, distance and things to do.

You should ask each one of your friends to make a list of the kind of weather they like, the maximum distance they are willing to drive down to, what kind of activities do they wish to do, what type of location they want – sunny beach location or a snow-covered destination, etc. Depending on the list, you all can sit together and narrow down the options – choose the one that suits the maximum parameters.

Planning Out The Itinerary

List number two should be of all the activities that you are going to do during your entire vacation. Make sure you don’t schedule any activity for the day that you are driving to the destination. You will most likely want to rest after the journey, and relaxing a little while will make you and your group enthusiastic for the rest of the trip.

To this list, add all the famous attractions that you all want to visit, and after doing some research – also add all the food places you girls would want to try out. Do not pack your days with a lot of touristy things to do. Make sure you keep some free time off your itinerary, wherein you can sit and chill with your friends over some drinks or just roam around with them.

Arrangements and Budgeting

Deciding upon on a budget is the most important thing since each member of the group might not have the same budget for the vacation. Budgeting in an all-girls road trip is also essential so that you don’t splurge blindly on the road.

Everything depends on the budget that you guys set – the duration of the trip, the accommodation, etc. So get the entire group together, sit with them, discuss and finalise a budget. Do not forget to keep some money as back up money, which might be needed in case of an emergency.

Driving Documents

If you and your girl gang are driving to the destination in your personal vehicle, then you just need to carry your driver’s license, insurance and vehicle papers. But, in the case you want to rent a car, make sure you complete all the formalities and carry all the documents that might be needed. Also, make sure you check the validity of your driver’s license.

That’s a Wrap

Embarking on a road trip with your girlfriends is the best way to explore a new place while having fun and bonding at the same time. The only thing you should keep in mind while planning the all-girls road trip is to consider everyone’s preferences, interests and comforts so that Y’all have a good time together.

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