Smarter Weddings: Here’s Why Crowdfunding Your Wedding is a Smart Move

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Weddings can and will always be an expensive affair; you can try and plan the budget, but you will find that when it comes to the actual wedding day, nothing happens according to the plan. You are bound to face several issues from caterers that overcharge to venues that have increased the rates for booking their venues for your wedding. That’s why most couples are always advised to include an additional 50% as a buffer to account for unexpected costs and expenses. But when it comes to the actual bill, you may find that there is actually a better way to pay for the wedding and that’s crowdfunding. Read on to know more.

The perfect wedding: Granted that you may have a few ideas as regards the perfect wedding that you want – and the one way of making it happen is to crowd fund the idea. You can set up a page on Go fund me and other similar portals, and share the same with your friends and contacts, and get the required funds you need, for that perfect dream wedding.

Dream vacation: Who would not want the perfect honeymoon in Venice or Italy, at the end of their wedding? Well, most couples would, but the catch is that it can get to be a tad expensive. The one way to get it set up is to get your friends and relations to fund the same. You can do what Ranveer and Deepika Padukone did with their wedding; they crowd funded their beloved charity and asked all the wedding guests to donate to the same instead of purchasing them gifts. And the idea worked like a charm, so there’s no reason that you should not try out something similar for that European honeymoon.

Wedding gown: When it comes to weddings, one of the most expensive items on the list often turns out to be a wedding gown. While this expense may seem a tad extravagant, seeing that you are going to wear this gown only for one day, in your life – there’s the emotive touch that deems it necessary that you walk down the aisle in a new wedding gown. You may want t save up some money, and set up a crowd funding page, to collect the rest that’s required to pay for that one of a kind wedding gown.

Food: Catering is an expensive affair and not a cheap one. You would definitely need all the help you can get to help pay for the wedding and that includes the cost of catering and the expense of holding the reception as well. That’s why it makes sense to crowd fund parts of your wedding, to help fund it. And that includes paying for the top caterers so that your wedding guests do not go hungry.

Gifts: There is another option that you may want to use, to fund your wedding. You could ask your wedding guests to chip in for the perfect wedding gift that you would want – a down payment for a new home. You can set up a crowd funding page for your wedding guests and instead of opting to get you gifts that you would probably not get to use much, you can request them to donate some money, and use the saved funds, as a down payment for the new home.

These are some of the reasons that you may want to consider crowd funding your wedding. A wedding can be a real drain on your savings so you are better off by setting up a crowd funding page for your friends and loved ones. They can then donate either for part or for all of the wedding and include your own savings as well and have a great day. There are more than a few portals available that you can use to set up your crowd funding page.

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