Waterfall Wedding Invitations – Water Themed Wedding Invites

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The wedding day is one of the most important event in one’s life, and therefore, it is always planned in a special and unique way. Every couple wants that day to be unforgettable not only for themselves but also for all their guests. Waterfall wedding invitations can help herald to one such memorable day.

Waterfall Wedding Invitations – Getting The Guests Ready

When the venue is so unusual, you would need to reassure your guests and inform them clearly and unambiguously about the following aspects:

1. How to reach the venue – can they reach directly from where they live; or are you making arrangements for their travel from a given common point. The arrangements should be made to and from the destination point. If necessary you should offer the services of a travel agent with whom you have spoken to make/ smooth out the travel plans.

2. Accommodation and boarding – where would the guests be put up when they reach the destination; for how many days and what are the eating arrangements.

3. Special requirements – are there any special requirements regarding the clothing, insect repellents, vaccinations, medicines, water, money (for shopping), etc.

All these details should be included in the waterfall wedding invitations on a separate card or note sheet clearly indicating the details such as contact numbers, routes, dates, timings, etc. Unless you have all this mentioned in your waterfall wedding invitations, your guests would hesitate attending the ceremony lest there would be too much trouble.

The detailed waterfall wedding invitations should also contain the program of the days that the guests would be at the destination, which could include some fun items like guided tours, boat rides and even a trip to the Casino Niagara. A well planned Niagara Falls Honeymoon can be gorgeous and breathtaking. Who knows? Your lucky day might be lucky for others as well.

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