Modern or Classic? What should be your Choice of Car for your Wedding Day?

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When planning your wedding day, many people go for booking their wedding car in the initial stages. This may be because entering your wedding venue in your dream car can be quite exciting. Or it can be because a great car can do wonders to your wedding photographs. Either ways, hiring your dream car as your wedding ride is so worth it. Arriving in style is what can really make your special day even more special.

Choosing the perfect car shall bring smiles which will last a lifetime. When planning your dream wedding, you would obviously want your dream car, but is it a practical idea? Vintage cars are a classic and dream-like choice, but do they offer a comfy and smooth ride? That’s the main thing to look into when you are going for a wedding car rental in Hertfordshire. Take Jag is one of the most popular wedding cars hire services, and offers nothing but the best. They provide a fleet of luxurious, well-maintained, premium quality cars to let you ride in style on your wedding day. And what’s even better? There’s going to be a fully-trained, polite, and friendly fleet of chauffeurs to look after you and your newlywed.

What type of car should you choose as your wedding ride?

When your wedding day is finally here, you ensure that everything is perfect. This makes the decision of choosing from various models of wedding cars in Hertfordshireall the more crucial. You should consider certain factors like the rental price, the luxury factor, the iconicity, the model, the colour etc. This way, you can be sure that you applied enough thoughts and efforts to every part of the wedding planning. So, what all factors should you consider?

  • Size: Size plays a crucial role in the car choice as you definitely wouldn’t want your bride to be cramped into the car in her wedding dress. Most of the classic cars are four-seated, but the two back seats are basically crammed up together. This makes it almost impossible for a bride and a groom to be seated comfortably, especially with a beautiful new dress almost overflowing the car. A modern car, on the other hand will have plenty of built in space. It ensures that you arrive at your wedding venue in utmost comfort. So, if a smooth and luxurious ride is what you are aiming for, modern is the way to go.
  • Amenities: Are you having your wedding in the summers or in a warm country? A vintage car may seem to pose a problem here, as the air conditioning may not be as good as required. You may have to arrive sweaty and cranky at the wedding venue, and that’s the last thing you would want happening on your special day. The older the model, the lesser advanced shall be the technology. Recent models are more suited in such cases, as they provide the powerful modern day luxuries at their best.
  • Reliable: Though the reputed car rental services makes sure their classic models are equally well-maintained and in perfect condition, there may be an unexpected crisis. Modern cars, needless to say have much lesser chances of breakdowns. Classic cars are perhaps a little less reliable in this matter; and to avoid this risk, you might prefer a newer ride. Cause the last thing you would want is to be stranded miles away from your venue and being the last ones to arrive at your own wedding!

Having said all of that, we admit we might have gone a bit too hard on the classic ones. Well, we just went the practical way, but nothing beats the timeless charm and appeal of a good old classic model. These cars are the foundations on which the newer ones are made, and are all about being the iconic ones. So, it’s completely your choice, and you can decide for yourself, whether to go the classic, or the modern way.

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