Tips and suggestions when you are travelling with kids!

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Now, when it comes to travelling, cruise vacations are our favourite ways to see the world, and we are pretty sure your kids would agree with us. So, finally you are embarking on your dream cruise vacation with your family, is it so? Well, we couldn’t be happier for you, but you need to remember that there’s a lot to plan about a cruise trip, especially if it’s your first time. From taking your pick among the destinations on your bucket list, to finding the correct cruise lines, to finding the best hotels and everything in between, well there’s quite a lot to plan. But, wait, hang on a second! Did you remember to book transfers, or you just missed out on it?!

Well, depending on where you live, getting to the nearest port may require some effort, time, and money. Will you have to book a flight to reach a city that’s closer to the port, and then take a separate mode of transportation like a bus, train or even hire a transfer service? Or is it so near, you might as well drive to it? But where shall you keep your car parked when you are off – gave it a thought? When it comes to matters of reaching your port, especially with kids around, it’s always better to pre book your cruise transfer ride. They are comfortable, and make sure that you reach (to and fro) your port in time, like from the Southampton to London. EC Minibus provides an extensive fleet of luxurious vehicles, comprising of sedans, vans, and even mini buses as per your requirements. You may book your private or even shared transportation from cruise ports to main cities at the best of prices.

This is how you travel with kids during cruise transfer rides

Travelling with kids can be enjoyable, as well as challenging. Especially, when the kids are super excited to be getting on the cruise, as well as when they are super tired and sad that the cruise trip is over. In other words, whenever you are travelling to and fro your cruise, such as during your Dover cruise transfers, it takes a lot of patience, planning, and efforts to execute a successful family vacation, especially when you have kids around. Make sure to plan your trip on the road in such a way that your kids get to enjoy certain stops at child friendly places — like, parks, playgrounds etc. — where they can run and explore. Also, keep the following in mind to enjoy a great vacation with your kids:

  • Book in advance: Now, we know, certain cruise terminals are the busiest places, and nobody, especially, your kids won’t like to wait in long queues, in the quest of getting a taxi or a cab. So, you should definitely book in advance and hire your own private luxurious, chauffeured car to take you to your destination. The same principle applies to when you are booking for accommodations etc.
  • Avoid heavy luggage: It is no pretty sight watching you juggling your kids on one hand and your luggage on the other. So, try to travel light when you are travelling with kids and make sure to carry a separate bag for them which must hold all of their essentials for the journey.
  • Be time conscious: As most of us already know small kids are quite impatient in nature, and don’t like to stay still for long periods of time. So, stop your private car at intervals or relax stops like playgrounds, food stops, gas stations, restrooms etc.
  • Get snacks: Even though you make multiple stops along the way, you should carry plenty of snacks with you. Keep fruits, dry cereals, crackers, etc. for your kids to munch on. Coz we all know what hunger could do to our child’s temperament.
  • First aid: This is, hands down, the most important thing to consider for a safe travel. You should always carry around a first-aid kit for all those small bruises or cuts that your kids could experience (God forbid!). Also, carry hand sanitizers and baby wipes, plastic bags for car sickness and allergy medicines with you.

So, these are some of the main things that you need to consider in order to have an organized and hassle-free vacation with your kids. Make sure to hire a reputed cruise transfer service and a luxury car, which will be that perfect cherry on the cake on your otherwise fairy-tale vacation.

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