Dos and don’ts of attending singles events! Pay attention folks!

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As rightfully said by some genius person in love, that’s “love is the fundamental need of every human being!” And how do you find love? You do so through the not so simple and highly unpredictable method of dating. Now, you could either go for traditional methods like getting dates fixed through mutual friends, blind dates, hiring matchmaking services or go for new gen-x methods like online dating apps. No matter which way you choose to go, the destination remains the same, a.k.a. to find love. And once you find the perfect partner, we bet you are sorted for life.

Another such cool and social way of coming across the love of your life is — dating events. These dating events are getting popular by the hour, as men and women get ample of opportunities to impress a certain person and get impressed in return in a room full of keen people. Though you might be wondering how to make that great first impression, and are totally uncertain of what the opposite gender may notice first about you, well you aren’t alone in this. Well, don’t worry! By the end of this article, you would have mastered the theories and ideologies that men and women share in their mental inventory every time they meet a new person. So, get ready to make the best first impression by learning the knowhow of singles events. In Sydney, Your Perfect Partner hosts the best of dating events which bring together people having the same relationship/love goals. They ensure that you meet your life partner by the end of the day/evening/event. They have a wide variety of clientele, and have been matching couples since 1980s at the most reasonable service fees.

Dos and Don’ts of dating events that should be followed religiously:

So, dating events are all about your skills of creating everlasting first impressions and taking back with you so much more than what you had come with. As there are so many people in the same place, all with the same love-seeking attitude, it’s quite probable that you get very less time and a single shot at impressing the opposite person. Everybody analyses certain behaviour of the person in front of them and only then can they decide if it’s a potential match worth pursuing. Introduction agencies in Sydney hosts such dating or singles events for which you can register — thus, get introduced to the world of speed dating. So, read on for some essential dos and don’ts:

  • Do: Participate in the night’s activities which are a great shot at ice-breaking and getting to know people. Don’t be standing in the corner of the room, for the entire evening, as that’s definitely not what singles events are made for.
  • Do: Participate in the night’s activities which are a great shot at ice-breaking and getting to know people. Don’t be standing in the corner of the room, for the entire evening, as that’s definitely not what singles events are made for.
  • Don’t: Get the concept of dating events wrong. You shouldn’t really try to go for a misguided attempt like talking to people at 50 mph. Take your time, it is fine, you don’t need to interact with every single person out there.
  • Do: Try to be genuine as this will surely help you stand out in the minds of the other guests. You should always start the conversation with an original question which genuinely interests you.
  • Don’t: Forget to learn the other person’s name or details. It helps later on when you would like to inform your host and arrange for a second meeting.
  • Do: Be prepared to talk about yourself. This helps the other person to know you better, and if you are a shy/nervous person, make sure to keep ready and rehearsed an ‘about me’ intro.
  • Don’t: Attend the event with preconceived notions. You need to go with a keen and open mind, they may not be any Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt, but neither are you.
  • Do: Put in efforts to look your best. It doesn’t hurt to spray that cologne or take warm hot shower or run an iron over the shirt before the event.
  • Don’t: You dare talk about your exes, or your sloppy love life, depression issues etc. or anything that could frighten away your date. Keep the conversations light-hearted.
  • Do: Try to act that you are really interested in what the other person is talking about, no matter how boring it actually is. Refrain from yawning, checking your phone or the ‘hottie’ across the room. Politely excuse yourself.

So, here are the top tips that you could use to create a great first impression and stand out from the crowd, for all the right reasons at such dating events. And DO make sure to have a good time and DON’T worry if the night was a success or not. Even if it wasn’t, remember there are 5 billion people out there in the world.

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