6 Things You Must Rent for a Dream Wedding!

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After you gave your good news about the upcoming wedding, we have one too! Now you don’t have to buy everything for your wedding. You can instead hire them. Doesn’t matter if you plan a marquee wedding, an open ground wedding or a one in your family beach house, you can easily get essentials required for your dream wedding for hire. And don’t be doubtful about their grace or quality. The items available on rent for your wedding function can be absolutely lavish, attractive and of excellent calibre.

 Comprehensive List of Items That Can Be Rented for Your Wedding!

You always think grandly about your wedding. From the luxurious decor to the glorious costume and even the minutest arrangements must be magnificent. Though for a dream wedding these are necessary, but logically, imagine the expense if you are going to buy them all. And after using them for your wedding event, what are you going to do with all of these stuffs? But not to worry, in Tauranga party props hire from Absolute Party Hire includes everything you’ll require for your party or event. From the classy cutlery to the huge marquee, décor items and more which are of excellent quality and look fabulous in any grand function. And for the complete list that you’ll need for your wedding event, read on.

  • Tents or marquees — An outdoor wedding is always charming. With nature around, the blue sky above and the soft earth down, everything looks perfect (even the pictures!). But even during a perfectly sunny day, you can never predict the whims of the rain Gods. That’s why tents or marquees are absolutely necessary for such outdoor events. Get the ones of the top-notch quality and make your wedding day super perfect.
  • Tables and chairs — Seating arrangements are mandatory to keep your guests comfortable. Hire the tables and dining chairs for your function and don’t forget to decorate them according to your décor theme.
  • Cutlery and crockery — From spoons, forks to even the plates and stemware, everything can be hired for any function. These are also available in your favourite designs and choice of colours so that they don’t look out of the place in your themed décor.
  • Décor items — Decoration is vital to make your dream wedding look fabulous. And all those lavish linen, silks, flowers, vases, and props are best hired! And do you know what’s more awesome? Some companies not only provide them for hire, but they deliver and even carry out the decoration for you!
  •  Fancy lights — Lights (from twinkly fairy lights to bright halogens), candles and even chandeliers can be rented for your function. Get the ones which look magical and create a spellbinding ambience.
  • Lounge furniture— Your guests and you require more than just tables and chairs to relax! You would need lounge furniture for those relaxed tête-à-têtes. And for the same, hire lounge sofas, poufs and more such furniture for a comfortable wedding event.

We understand the above items may look a handful and you’ll be tensed about the idea or hiring them all. But hey! Much better than buying them all, isn’t it? And when you’ll have these put together, you would be dazed to see what a beautiful picture your wedding venue makes! 

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