Real Estate Photography 101: How Can You Make Your Listing Stand Out?

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There’s no doubt that presentation plays an important role in making your real estate listings stand out. It has been reported that almost 98 percent of the audience felt that styling a property in the right manner has helped them to achieve a much larger sale price on the property.

Furthermore, it has also been quoted by multiple real-estate agents that by styling a home perfectly could make the sale much faster as well. Therefore, in this article guide, we’ll be looking at some of the various ways through which you can take your real estate photography game to the next level, with the help of Red Box Photography. 

The Definitive Tips & Tricks For The Best Real Estate Photographs 

1. Always Be Present For The Photoshoot

Most home-owners never turn up for the photoshoot and even if they do, they constantly push the photographer to get over with the current photoshoot, so that the home-owner can focus on other aspects of selling the property. But, this should not be the way home-owners should treat their listings.

If you carry out a well-orchestrated photoshoot, where the photographer and the home-owner try to work as a team – a bunch of compelling images will be created. These images will be presenting the home in the best possible manner so that a successful sale could be obtained at the highest price. 

Furthermore, it’ll help in providing an organic touch to the photos, especially for the prospective buyer.

2. Opting For Drone Shots 

While real-estate photography with the help of drones might not be still be that popular nowadays, photographers are slowly understanding the importance of the same and how it can provide a different purview of the real-estate. Such photographs instantly attract the attention of the buyers. 

You can use drone shots to show the overall size of the property, its neighbourhood and the likes. But, it’s recommended that if you’ve got small property or a property that has a damaged roof, then drone shots should not be used.

Moreover, you need to ensure that the drone pilot or photographer that you’re choosing is well-experienced with such technology so that there will be no mishaps during the procedure. 

3. Show Off Your Listing On Social Media

It should be noted that the majority of your prospective buyers browse social media daily. Therefore, it’s suggested that you also promote your listings where your audience spends their time the most. 

But, most real estate agents and home-owners make the mistake of only sharing the photos or just the weblink for the listing – which should be a straight no-no. You need to create content in such a way that it will not look boring to the buyer and at the same time will create a buzz-word for your property that is on sale.

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