One week in Australia: Plan it right for an unforgettable trip

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A trip to Australia will be a trip of a lifetime if you plan it right. When travelling to an unknown country, extreme caution needs to be exercised in every aspect. From your travel arrangements to your hotel stays, every little detail matters and the key to making it work is effective planning. Since covering such a vast beauty in a week will be an absolute adventure, gear up for your trip as we are going to provide you with the perfect one-week itinerary for a fabulous time abroad. Read on and start packing!

  • The Sydney Tour- 2 days

When in Australia, start your trip with one of the grandest cities- Sydney. The food, history, culture, travel sights and vibes of the place are heart-melting. Harbour Bridge and Opera house are two must-visit places which you cannot afford to miss when in Sydney. For some quality time with nature, visit the beaches or the botanical garden, and you surely won’t regret a minute of it. Food is another great attraction in Sydney. Cronuts, Oysters, Eggs at Bills and Ginger Pistachio Creme Brulee are some of unmissable treats. So much for your appetite, right?!

Well, once you have experienced the sunset at Opera House and enjoyed the beaches, it’s time to hit the road for your next destination.

  • The Blue Mountain Tour- 1 day

A day tour will be enough for you to relish in the natural beauty of The Blue Mountains. Not far from Sydney, you will find numerous agencies who offer a day’s tour to the Blue Mountains, and they make sure to cover every pretty aspect of it. Visiting the Scenic World and enjoying the view of the Three Sisters rock formation from the echo point road should be on your travel list for this place. Don’t forget to end your day with a lavish dinner back in Sydney and brace yourself for the next big thing in your Australia travel plan.

  • The Great Barrier Reef Tour- 3 days

Moving on to the most exciting part of your Aus trip, get ready to get the Moana feels at the Great Barrier Reef. The ocean and tropical forest beauty can be overwhelming, but it’s undoubtedly once in a lifetime kind-of an experience which you cannot afford to miss. It’s paradise for water enthusiasts and even for those who are not! To grab bites of some of the most delicious meals in Australia and exploring the reef, head over to Cairns. Port Douglas is another excellent place to enjoy reef and the rainforest at its most. For the divers who don’t want to miss the opportunity of diving in the Great Barrier Reef, Lady Elliot Island is the name for you, mate!

While exploring the reef, let the world slow down and forget what the word hurry means. Soak up the sun while you ride in the glass-bottom boats and be mesmerised with flora and fauna of the reef. Visit the closest islands and spend some quality time with yourself, so you return with no regrets.

  • Trip back to Sydney

Once you have explored the breathtakingly gorgeous reef, it’s time to head back to square one! Take a flight back to Sydney from Cairns and be prepared to bid farewell to Australia. While you spend most of the day travelling back, treat yourself to a scrumptious meal while you soothe your eyes with the view of Harbour Bridge. Pack away all the good memories in your heart, phone and suitcase and travel back to your hometown next morning.

Australia is full of beautiful surprises. From the culture and food to the people and the sights, you won’t be disappointed at any point. Now that you have the perfect Australia travel plan in place, book your tickets and get on with the adventure ASAP!

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