Moments that matter: Learn how drones can make your wedding extra special

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When it comes to creative ways to make your wedding stand out, then you may want to go for drone photography. Sounds like something that you may come across in some soap opera but the fact is that with drones in the mix, you should be able to get some unforgettable shots, of the two of you as well as the rest of the wedding. Check out these following tips on how to use drones to make your wedding day extra special

Plan it: You may want to discuss the idea of using drones with your wedding photographer and the two of you would need to brainstorm on how you can best utilize the drone for your wedding. Your photographer is bound to have a few ideas, and with a drone, he should be able to create art in the air with some outstanding aerial shots. You may also want to consider the locale, when planning the shoot. For example, if your wedding locale is located right on top of a hill overlooking the sea, then your photographer should be able to get some classic scenic views with you and the groom in the front.

Shoot smart: One of the downsides to any wedding photo shoot is that nearly everyone tends to go overboard, and shoot just about everything. But you can ensure that your drone is utilized only for important shots, and these are the ones that you would definitely need. So think about what shots you want to be taken and get your wedding photographer to take the same with the drone.

Practice: It may not be easy for your wedding photographer to learn how to control the drone right away. So make sure that your photographer spends sometime practicing with the control so that he gets the hang of it. After all, you want those important shots to be perfect and that they need to be shot at the right angle. Given this, you may want to request your photographer to spend some time with the drone, and to practice those shots until he gets them right.

Edit: It may be a good idea to check online and undertsand what kinds of aerial shots you want for your wedding. You may convey the same to your photographer so they know your expectations. Since drones can shoot some fantastic high resolution images as well as videos, they can be edited perfectly. Additionally, even you can edit the pictures and media files for the final touches so that they are perfect.

Time the shoot: It may be a good idea for both you and your photographer to time the drone shoot, with just you and the groom. This should provide you with a good idea as to how much time a drone photograph can take and that way; both you and the groom can plan the shoot and the time for the same, accordingly.

Double check the drone and the battery: It is the most important day of your life, and since you are planning to use a drone for the same, you may want to double check the drone and ensure that it is functioning along expected lines. Additionally, you may also want to make sure that the battery is completely charged so that the photographer should be able to use it for your wedding without any hassle.

License: This depends more on the local government, some may require that you carry a license before you can operate a drone while others do not. So you may want to check this point and make the required preparations.

These are some of the tips that you can use to help make your special day all the more memorable. And with these perfect photos, this is going to be one wedding that stands out for all the right reasons.

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