The One-For-All Campervan Packing Guide You Need Right Now!

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Heading out to the best trip of your life? Well, do you have all the essentials in place? Even if it’s a yes, think again! Scaring you out of a road trip is not the idea here, but preparing you to have a blast even with bare minimal is the goal.

Whether you are going on a campervan road trip for the first time or the tenth time, you must keep in mind a few pro tips- The everyday stuff will become luxuries, and no one will be around to cook a lavish meal for you. Follow this post below to analyse how prepared are you for what’s to come! Read on.

  • First Aid’s First!

While there are a plethora of things that we can think of at the moment as crucial for your campervan trip, first aid tops it all. Bandages, painkillers, sprays, mosquito candles and netting, cotton pads and doctor’s tape are some of the first-aid staples you cannot afford to skip. Consult with your partner and travel buddies to add more elements to this kit. The bigger the first-aid kit, the better!

  • Emergency Car Kit

Now that we have covered your wounds, what about your campervan? When on the road, a lot of unexpected things will come your way, and a broken vehicle by the roadside at late night is the last thing you’ll want to handle. This is where a well-stocked emergency car kit comes in handy. While you have all your essential tools in the kit, make sure you carry a spare tyre with you on the way so you aren’t stranded in the wilderness. Also, dig deep when choosing a campervan for hire in New Zealand to select an option which is well-maintained and equipped for the journey.

  • The Kitchen Staples

Cooking in a campervan can be an exotic experience, so make sure you have everything to place to enjoy to the fullest. From cooking and eating utensils to spices and raw food elements, carry what is easy to cook. Also, make space for the kitchen organisers, dispose of bags, wine and beer openers and more which will make cooking and eating in a campervan a fun event for you.

  • On-the-go Toiletries

Can you imagine a day without bathing, washing your hands and brushing your teeth? If not, then buck up and pack your bag of toiletries right away! Dry shampoo, toothbrush and paste, hand sanitiser, body wipes, tiger and bug balms and sanitary napkins will help you enjoy your stay in a motorhome in New Zealand. Irrespective of whether you are in a hotel or hitting the road, neglecting personal hygiene is not an option.

  • Your Entertainment Gear

What’s a trip without fun, eh? Well, it’s no surprise that travelling without your phones is not even an option. So, with the internet access even in the wild at times, staying connected to your social world might seem like a blessing. However, is that why you decided to head out in the woods? Probably not! Stack a deck of cards, your favourite board games and lots of booze to stay high on the fun factor, and give yourself a break from your gadgets and social media life for good. 

  • Take Care of the Power Necessities

Travelling without power backup in today’s time is almost next to impossible! You will need your gadgets like phones, laptops, fitness bands and more powered up virtually all the time. From power banks and portable chargers to power inverters, find the best fits for your campervan and start hoarding them for a comfortable trip and stay

Well, here were a few of our top must-haves (with many essentials inside all points) which will keep you happy and in the travel mode for long. Match your checklist with this post, and fit in the left-out items right away. Have a fabulous trip!

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