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This confirms that A-2-Z Party DJs is an Approved Entertainer in the 2010 DJ Approved Directory.  A-2-Z Party DJs has met the minimum guidelines that where developed by DJs from all over the world.

DJ Approved is an independent directory company whose goal is to build and support trust and confidence in the Disc Jockey industry. Because A-2-Z Party DJs wants to demonstrate its commitment to being a professional, it has agreed to disclose its practices, information and references to have them reviewed for compliance by the DJ Approved staff. By displaying the DJ Approved Logo, this Disc Jockey Company has been verified that:

  1. This Disc Jockey Company does provide a written agreement between client and DJ. This agreement clearly states who, what, when and where.

  2. A-2-Z Party DJs has provided proof of liability insurance.

  3. A-2-Z Party DJs has a valid business license if required in their state.*

  4. A-2-Z Party DJs has been in business since 1996.

  5. This Disc Jockey provides sufficient back up equipment at all events to carry out entertainment in the event of equipment failure.

  6. A-2-Z Party DJs provides all clients with a cancellation policy that clearly states what happens in the event of a cancellation service by A-2-Z Party DJs or client.

  7. A-2-Z Party DJs guarantees the the contact information provided is current and correct.

  8. A-2-Z Party DJs agreements to promptly return calls, inquiries, emails, etc.

  9. A-2-Z Party DJs has provided three valid references to DJ Approved and has more available to future clients.

  10. A-2-Z Party DJs has agreed to make every effort in their power to ensure customer satisfaction within reason.

More detailed information about this company is available by selecting the Company Information under the Approved Options.

If you have questions about services or concerns regarding the information details provided above, you should first contact Karl Siwek at A-2-Z Party DJs directly by sending an email to A2ZPartyDJs@earthlink.net or calling 714-544-2614.   If you do not receive acknowledgment of your inquiry or your inquiry has not been satisfactorily addressed, contact DJ Approved.  If absolutely necessary, you can then file a complaint about A-2-Z Party DJs online by Clicking Here.  DJ Approved makes no guarantees that the information provided to DJ Approved is as stated.  DJ Approved will investigate and follow up if you feel that a DJ has misrepresented himself/herself in the above.  To contact DJ Approved directly send an email to admin@djapproved.com.


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