Too attached to your electric guitar? Tips on how to make it last longer!

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People who are into music, and know how to play an instrument, are extremely passionate about it. Learning any instrument and becoming a pro at it requires a lot of effort and patience. So, being extremely passionate about it is nothing but normal. For people who do not really have much knowledge about music, whenever any topic associated with instruments comes up, guitar is definitely one of the instruments that cross the minds.

With the emergence of all the famous rock and roll bands, guitars became extremely popular. Apart from the musical aspect, it also became a style quotient and sheer symbol of coolness. However, there are quite a number of guitar types that we can see today. Electric, acoustic, classical, acoustic bass are the few popular types of guitars that are widely used by famous artists all over the world. If you own an electric guitar, then you should definitely give a thought on electric guitar repair. Colourtone Guitars is one of the best guitar repair service providers you will find in Melbourne. They take pride in their highly skilled team of guitar technicians who can efficiently handle all problems related to any guitar.

Tips to maintain electric guitars

Like all the other music instruments, electric guitars too are quite expensive. It is more or less liked an investment. So, once you purchase an electric guitar, you need to pledge to take good care of it (if you want it to last for a long time). Not just electric guitars, even an acoustic guitar needs repair and maintenance from time to time. If you don’t do the basic maintenance, all your money will go down the gutter, and you won’t be able to make music with your guitar. Here are a few tips on how to maintain your electric guitar:

  • Wipe strings: Guitar strings are made from metal, and our palms sweat very frequently. Now, we all know that metal and sweat are not a very good combination. So, if the sweat is allowed to stay on the strings, it can cause premature corrosion of the guitar strings. In order to avoid this premature wearing out of the strings, you can wipe those strings properly every time after playing the guitar. You can use an old t-shirt for this cleaning purpose. This will help in lengthening the lifespan of the metal strings, and make them sound better for a longer period of time.
  • Cleaning: Cleaning your electric guitar on timely basis is extremely important. But be cautious of how to clean it, as there are quite a few things that you wouldn’t want to do while cleaning your guitar. You can again use that old cotton t-shirt to wipe the body and the neck of your guitar. Guitars can be made to look shiny with the help of guitar polish. However, if it is not extremely dirty, stick with that t-shirt and just wipe it.
  • Case: It is always better to keep the guitar inside the case when you are not using it. The tone and the volume switches and knobs on your guitars can easily accumulate dust particles. Since cleaning those small objects can be really difficult, the collected dust particles can affect the tone of the guitar and result in making a crackling sound. So, keeping the guitar inside the case is the best option, and also it would prevent it from incurring any external damage whatsoever.
  • Knobs and switches: In case you still end up having dust particles on the switches and knobs, then there is an easy solution to that as well. Start turning all the knobs quickly for about 10 seconds or so. Then flick the switches back and forth quickly, again for 10 times. This can easily remove any dust that might get collected on the switches and knobs thereby affecting the sound quality of your guitar.

These are the few simple tips for maintaining your electric guitar. If you feel that these simple tricks are not enough and something doesn’t feel right still, then it is always better to get it checked by a guitar technician.

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