Ten Important Roles At The Wedding

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Weddings are always joyful, but the busy scenes can also like a bustling war, various aspects can not go with any error, so you also need to assign various things to people who can help you take care of all these stuffs. The following ten roles are all indispensable and very important part of a perfect wedding. These roles, if handled well, can make the wedding become simple and easy, and would never go wrong at most of the wedding time. The first important part is certainly the wedding explorer who is responsible for the overall command and coordination and guidance work of the wedding from the beginning to the end. Any thing that is going wrong or does not handle well, from the wedding dress to the deserts for guests, can be proposed to him to receive any helpful advice.

The second important part is the general coordinator and also the wedding MC who is responsible for chairing the wedding ceremony and guiding the work of all working people. He or she is also responsible for the overall site coordination at the hotel, site layout and hospitality all guests. The liaison and communication work and the process of all works are also the responsibility of the general coordinator. The third important part is the wedding groomsman who is responsible of keeping a marriage certificate, leading the bride and groom to toast at the banquet and greeting guests and some other stuffs.

The fourth important part is the wedding bridesmaid whose responsibility is almost the same as the wedding groomsman, just to keep wedding ring, lead the bride and groom to toast at the wedding and greet guests. The fifth important part is the wedding witnesses who is responsible to write and read witnesses books. The sixth important part is the wedding responsible person for the route whose is to guide the entire wedding and play electronic album at the hotel, He is also responsible for the custody laptop and projector.

The seventh important part is the wedding vehicle explorer who is responsible for the entire vehicle command and coordination, goods transportation and guest transfer. The eighth important part is the wedding head for items that is responsible for the breakfast, lunch, tobacco, sugar and coffee. Releasing and controlling banquet supplementary items, keeping notebooks, projectors, CD, telephone, and responsibility for the phone are also the work of the wedding head for items.

The ninth important part is the wine keeper head that is responsible for all kinds of drinks and wines, drinks coordination, and any other work about drinks, such as adding drinks, preparing all glass or cups for different kinds of drinks, paying attention to child drinks and trying to meet all the needs of the guests about the drinks. The tenth important part is the manager of the wedding hotel who is responsible for assisting the hotel layout, coordination, collaboration with the competent items and any other new conditions breaking out at the wedding at any time and any place.

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