Starting your own music band? Make sure you don’t do these mistakes

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So, you are into music and have started your own band as well? That’s great but you should know that music bands do not taste success overnight. Granted that some of you may play some great songs and you may have even featured in the top billboards collection, but that being said, you may want to know that it takes grit, determination to stay the course. Above all you may want to avoid some of these mistakes that most of the new bands make at a certain point of time or the other.

Expect to be discovered: If you thought that your band would be discovered while playing at a local night club, you may end up waiting a long while to be discovered. The fact is that most of the music producers and other professionals prefer to “discover” artists who have been in this field for a while and have managed to build up an audience of sorts as well. So you may need to do more to reach out to others online and start developing your own ‘credibility’ and soon, your band may well be discovered.

  • Expecting the audience to show up: So you have your gig and you expect everyone to show up for the same, just like that. Well, that’s mostly wishful thinking but the fact remains that you need to promote the show, get an experienced professional to headline it as well and snag the audience to attend the same. It sounds easy but in reality it is anything but that. You may also want to take better care of your musical instruments as well – check online for guitar setup in Melbourne and that should help list some of the local firms that can service your bands musical instruments and you may even go in for an upgrade as well.
  • Going on a tour before you are ready: If you are still a brand new music band and have yet to get a regular audience, then you are in no position to go on a tour. If you are planning a series of gigs across Mainland USA, then you would definitely need an audience to come to each one of those shows. And since you do not yet have an audience or even a local one, the question does not arise.
  • Getting top of the line musical instruments: You may want to check out Guitar Luthier in Melbourne and get some serious upgrades done. One of the reasons that you may want to get your instruments upgraded is so that you can play better on the same.
  • Do not move to LA right away: Nearly every music band, the moment they land that first gig always make the move to LA. The fact is that LA is one town that is chock full of music bands trying to land more local gigs and are yet to be established. And given this you would be better off staying in your small town for the moment or relocating to a town that’s not LA
  • Fake social media: Granted that everyone and even the established professionals do it; the fact is that you can purchase your own likes on social media platforms. But getting two hundred thousand likes with zero comments makes it patently clear that all those likes are false and soon, it makes your band look foolish. If you are going to go with fake social media likes, you may want to restrict yourself to smaller number such as 1000.

These are some of the mistakes that most new music bands make and if you are brand new or for that matter, a band with some experience under the belt, you would still want to avoid these mistakes. Do remember that no music band tastes success overnight, it takes years of experience, determination and true grit to make it happen.

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