Say “i Do” to Savings — 5 Ways to Save Money in Your Wedding Celebration!

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We know you’ll be counting the days left for your wedding! The excitement getting at its peak is natural! But amongst all the happiness and chaos you even have to bear the stress of the rising expenses of the marriage ceremony. From holding the perfect reception to going for the honeymoon, and then getting settled in a new apartment with your partner! The expenses may reach the sky before your vows reach there!

With the rising expenses around the globe for marriage ceremony, lots of people prefer looking for alternative options other than celebrate in a lavish way with their family and friends. But, you don’t have to stress about such things. Having a perfectly balanced wedding along with the celebrations and happiness staying intact, with the minimal possible number of missing cheques from your cheque book is now possible!

Get creative in your wedding celebration and save lots of money!

Long gone are the days wherein not affording meant not enjoying! Now, your wedding functions can be as spicy as you want and the expenses cut to the minimum too. Just twist your celebrations according to our given tips, and let the celebrations flow freely with the love in the air without burning a hole in your pocket!

  • Pick a date outside the peak wedding season — Everybody gets married during summer or spring or holidays! But you don’t have to be like everyone, right? Then why not pick a date that differs from the rest too? Not only would your marriage be a great boon in the boring working season for the guests, but you’ll also get a lot of exciting venues in the least rents. That’s what you wanted after all! You won’t have to pay a larger amount unnecessarily, and you can still have a wedding that is lavish and pleasant!
  • Go paperless on the invites — How many of us really take a second glance at the grand, beautiful wedding invitation cards we receive? Once the date is over, they are dedicated to the dustbins and your hard earned money is trashed along with them too. It’s better to utilise the technology instead, and create a gorgeous wedding invitation card on Canva or any other application, and send across to your guests. What’s best? The applications are free! You’ll actually save a lot of money and even paper in this manner — and Mother Nature will surely thank you for this, along with your pocket!
  • Hire a big car Transportation during wedding is what eats up your money like termites during your marriage ceremony. The need to transport guests to and from the venue is crucial, but that can be tackled smartly if you go for a larger car for hire in Gold Coast like limo hire from A.O.Limo. They have got some excellent limo all ready to let your guests hop in large numbers and enjoy themselves while you spare paying double the amount for multiple cars for the same purpose.
  • Simplify the catering — It’s food that is of extreme importance and takes away a good amount of your finances too. After all, it isn’t easy to fill the tummy of thousands of guests, and make them feel happy and satiated too! But, if you think your guest list is bigger than the bridal veil, why not cut short extra items in the menu, and opt for a precise set menu? Tick all the important yet delicious items to be included, and skip the frills.
  • Skip the obsession around a glamorous wedding cake — It’s obvious to include a wedding cake for your wedding, but no rule book says it has to be a four-tyre glamorous one! It can be as simple as you like, and save you the extra money that goes with the extra decoration. Believe us, you won’t be missing those at all! When you cut even a simple cake being cheered by your loved ones around you for your fresh start, all you shall feel is pure bliss!

With the growing obsession for social media, and flaunting wedding pictures there, weddings have become a matter of spending finances too freely. The traditional value of marriage in the first place never called for such lavishness. When you plan your wedding smartly and economically, you are actually being a trendsetter!

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