Ideal Places to Plan Your First Date!

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First dates are always exciting! You are finally going to meet your crush personally somewhere alone, and it would be a great chance to get to know each other better. You obviously would want to make it the most amazing and memorable moment of your life. It’s proven multiple times that no matter how old we grow, we never forget our first dates! So why not plan this date to so as to make it one of the best memories of your life?!  

A perfect date comprises of a beautiful, bright day to meet, an amazingly romantic place and some awesome coffee (or a couple of drinks, depending on at what stage – and age — of your life you are in!) and a lot of talks! Not that the weather outside would matter for the sunshine that brightens up your heart at the prospect of your first date! What may follow after this can never be predicted! It could go anywhere from there – way uphill or straight downhill – depending on how you both shall feel after meeting each other. Whether you feel the spark or not is out of your control. But what you can ensure is a perfect backdrop for a beautiful first date experience – something that shall be etched in your mind. 

Best Places for a First Date!  

Before meeting up, always fix a rocking place to meet after discussing the same with your partner. Even if you have met your date through a Sydney dating agency like Mirabela Executive Dating Company, make sure you connect in person and take into consideration the thoughts and ideas of the other person too, before planning for the day. Mirabela is one agency that lets you meet the most suitable and amazing match for you. Coming back to your first date, you can check the following places for the purpose: 

  • Cafés — Cafes can be the best place to visit on your first date. This can be apt at multiple levels – cafes are often cosy places which would ensure an unhindered flow of tête-à-tête. Also, when you are out just for a cuppa coffee, you have the option of keeping it as short or long as you want. And if you both gel, you can always continue with a dinner plan after that.
  • Discos or Pubs — Disco or pubs can be extremely entertaining and pleasurable to hang out on your first date. This could be a friendly start, without being overly romantic. And in case you guys don’t want to prolong it, you simply can say goodbye and blend with the crowd and enjoy the rest of the evening even on your own without brooding or fretting over a date gone not-so-well.
  • Music Fest or Concert — If you both have chatted a lot, know each other’s interests and share the same love for music, why not meet at a music festival or a concert?! Music binds like magic. And it can also be a great conversation starter in case you find yourself tongue-tied in nervousness.
  • Restaurants — The most common yet the most preferred place to go on a first date are restaurants. Food can also trigger conversation, and keep you busy (nibbling) at the same time — a meal ensures a lot of leisurely hours of cosy conversation as you order one course after the other. 
  • Movie — A movie for a first date can be exciting and entertaining. You can both discuss about your favourite genre of movie and enjoy the same together sitting next to each other. Just a huge tub of popcorn, a cold drink to sip on are enough to turn your date fun and fantastic! This is a nice way to spend time in cosy camaraderie.
  • Beach — A beach in the vicinity is a sure hit for a first date site! The immensely blissful and romantic feeling you will get when you walk along the seashore holding hands together on the soft sand, smelling the sea and sand, would be too magical to forget! And if you are on a budget – the sand and sea come absolutely free, remember!
  • An Amusement Park — No partnership is complete without friendship, and no friendship is as solid as unadulterated ones from childhood. Bring out the latent child in both of you by planning a fun filled first date at an amusement park. But ensure that your partner enjoys the adrenaline rush as much as you do!

These are some of the proven best destinations for a successful and joyous first date. Apart from these, you can try visiting a carnival or a theme park together, go for a day-long picnic at a greener location away from the city hustle-bustle or even watch a play or opera or ballet together (if that is a mutual interest). Whatever you do, make sure you consider the likes and dislikes of your partner – this will make you come across as a considerate person – and that’s a definite positive pointer for first impression for sure!


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