How to Take Great Care of Your Musical Instruments While Travelling

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Well it won’t be wrong to say that a musical instrument is the best friend of a musician, and just like you take care of your friends, you must also take care of your musical instruments. Are you looking for a guitar, flute or electric organ for sale in the UK? If you research thoroughly, you can find the best prices, both online and at the stores.

There are four major types of musical instruments, based on the way they are played, viz. wind, keys, string and percussion. So here are a few steps that you can keep in your mind when it comes to cleaning and maintenance of your instrument.

Keep your instruments encased – You must always keep your instrument lying on downside position that is flat. The case should be a protective padded bag or a hard shell case so that you can safely transport your instrument when it’s not in use. This is the best way to avoid damaging your instrument from accidental slips or pushes. The case also provides protection to your instrument from extreme dryness and outside temperatures.

Do not overstuff the case – That extra space in your guitar case might seem very appealing to you. However, it is an absolute no-no when it comes to overstuffing the case of your instrument. Books, pens or other small items that can easily find space in your case must, but it must be avoided. The reason being that such stuff might bounce inside the case while you are travelling and can potentially damage your instruments. Scratches and marks are very common on the surface of those instruments whose cases contain more stuff in them than required. So you must always avoid to fill up your case with other items.

Absolutely no car trunk – No matter how cold or hot it is outside, if you are travelling with your musical instrument then you must make sure not to leave it in your car trunk. Your instrument must stay in a cool and dry place. A car trunk will change its temperature according to the temperature outside and might even be worse than it. So an exposure to abnormal temperatures can also damage the wood of the instrument ultimately affecting the sound quality.  Also, it has been noticed that keeping the instrument in your car’s trunk will increase the chances of it being stolen or damaged.

Get rid of the bag – No matter how comfortable this fabric cases, for your guitar, might seem they are not the right carrier for your instrument when it comes to transportation of your instrument across places. The reason here is that these fabric cases do not provide any real-time protection to your instrument. Hard-shell cases are way better for your instrument and can be depended upon for long-term storage or travel.

Do not check-in – If you are travelling in an aeroplane, then make sure that you do not check in your instrument case as a luggage item. The aeroplane’s luggage compartment is no room for a musical instrument to stay. You will be exposing your instrument to a cold and crowded chamber that does not provide right conditions for it. Also, the risk of mishandling is always present when it comes to luggage. You must not take the instrument with you if you can’t take it in with you.

However, even if after taking all the care, if you still managed to damage your instrument you can always take it to the best musical instrument shops in Manchester for a proper solution and consultation regarding your problem.

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