Highlighting The Importance Of A Great DJ At Your Wedding

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You have crossed the long road between “I will” and “I do” and are ready to marry the love of your life. Hopefully, you have started planning your wedding already. 

With so many decisions to make, one of them being “What kind of entertainment will we have?”, your skin is probably breaking out. Wait, you can’t let the stress dim the wedding glow on your face. We are here to help you. 

A few years back, dance bands were the popular choice of entertainment. But, with changing preferences, people are hiring DJs for their big day. Just like the food and venue, the quality of the DJ influences how much fun people have at your wedding. Therefore, hiring a good Wedding DJ in Melbourne is very important. 

Here are 5 reasons why you must hire a good DJ for your wedding entertainment.

1. They Will Ensure That Your Big Day Is The One To Remember

After months of planning and waiting, you will want everything to run smoothly on the big day. When you have already spent so much money arranging the perfect wedding, paying a little more to hire a great DJ at the wedding will ensure that all your guests have fun. Not just that! A great wedding DJ will walk you through the process and make sure you are not missing important details. 

A professional wedding DJ will be your coordinator, making sure your timeline stays on time. 

2. They Will Maintain A Fun And Enjoyable Atmosphere

Selecting the right songs to play at the wedding is a time-consuming task that you would want to be handled by a professional. A professional DJ will make sure that everyone attending your wedding stays happy and excited by making sure they have a hit. They will take requests from the guests and create a playlist that makes everyone stay on the dance floor all day-all night long. 

3. They Will Be Reliable

There is nothing worse than hearing the guests say that the speaker sounds like it’s blown or that the sound system is too weak. A professional wedding DJ will make sure that they come to the venue before time and set up the equipment in the right place for optimal sound quality. 

Professional DJs have top of the line sound equipment and they make sure your guests have the perfect atmosphere to enjoy. They also have appropriate backup equipment available in case something goes wrong.

4. They Are Very Professional

There is no substitute for a professional DJ, and you know that too. Pros can quickly read a room and play the right song and keep the night moving along.  They can also make the necessary announcements and let people know what is happening. They can also organize guests for wedding entrances, speeches, and traditional formalities.

5. They have the Best DJ Skills

There are 2 types of wedding DJs – the first type includes the “cheesy” wedding DJs that try too hard to catch the crowd’s attention by continually announcing songs, playing games, cracking jokes, talking to guests, and over-using the mic to help move the night along. The second type of wedding DJ includes the contemporary-styled DJs that are more reserved on the mic, making just the announcements that are required, playing a mix of current and classic hits, trying to blend into the background of the wedding and not being the attention gatherer. The former type is usually frowned upon. But the latter ones are professionals who let the music do the talking and have years of experience playing music at weddings. 

Hiring a professional DJ is one of the best things that you can do to ensure you and your guests make great memories on your big day. 

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