5 Reasons Why Trials Ensure Perfect Makeup And Hairdo On Your Wedding Day

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As a would-be bride, you would have already started getting those jitters about something that’s going to be wrong on your big day! It’s but natural to experience pre-wedding nervousness! After all, that’s the reason you would be checking each and every detail of your wedding beforehand, and make all the necessary arrangements to keep everything going as planned, that too perfectly! Only then can you breathe a sigh of relief.

In all these arrangements, even your appearance as a bride matters much. In fact, it’s the most important thing to pay attention to for your wedding function. That is why being double and triple sure about everything that’s needed to adorn you on your big day is essential. From slipping in the wedding gown to know it’s a perfect fit to walking in those heels to make sure they are comfy, from trying on the necklace or a tiara, to taking up make up trials and testing umpteen number of hairdos, these all are vital requirements for your perfect look on your marriage function.

 Why do you need to take a makeup and hairdo trial before your wedding day?

Just as regular rehearsals are important before a captivating final performance, similarly, a makeup trial is essential before the perfect Wedding Hair and Makeup in Auckland. Clarette FX is a fabulous makeup and hair artist, who gives in her best to make you look ravishing on your wedding day.  She makes sure you go through the trial properly and get a detailed idea about your look on your big day. But, if you want to know why you should be going for the trials, read below:

  1.       Allows you to try multiple looks — For looking stunning on your wedding day, it’s important to go for a trial at least three months before the assigned date. This lets you try various hair styles and looks on your face — and you can choose the best one from those. It’s up to you whether you want to go through the entire procedure on the same day (which is nearly impossible) or you can schedule it across multiple days. The main concern is just giving enough thought as to what suits you the best and finalising the same as your preferred look for your wedding. You may also decide two different looks for the wedding and the reception.
  2. Gives you ample time to think over —As trial makeup and hairstyle means preplanning about the wedding look, it grants you enough time to think over your look. It’s best to keep some gap in time between each trial so that you can well assess the various looks before you make up your mind. Click pictures after each session. Sleep on over them, and then decide (you may even request another session if you are not satisfied completely). Also, even after multiple efforts you aren’t satisfied with your looks, you can even consider changing your makeup artist.
  3.       Makes you aware of anything that’s amiss — Trials let you pinpoint the changes you may need to make about your dress, accessories, stylising etc. For example, you may love a hairstyle having a high bun, but the shape of your face may not get highlighted best in that look. Same goes with the accessories too. If you think your bun doesn’t highlight your prized tiara, you may request a different hairdo.  
  4.       Avoids last moment hassle — As you have been already trying the look quite a few times beforehand, and the decision was well thought of, you need not worry about the same on the D-day. Even if something else springs up and you run late, the makeup artist already knows what look to go for, and this would make the task really easy and fast.
  5.       Doesn’t leave a chance of a huge mistake — Imagine getting an entirely unsuitable makeup and hairdo done on the very day of your wedding! You would get cold feet and panic attacks. To avoid this disaster, it’s better to take a makeup and hair trial beforehand! It minimises and almost diminishes the chances of such kind of mistakes.

Every bride has always hoped for looking like a dream on her wedding day. For that, you have to choose your makeup artist with care. These efforts in the form of makeup and hair trial can do wonders in dolling you up on the grand day of your life. On the D-day, you should not need to make any decision – even whether you want a veil with your gown or not should be pre-decided. And a trial helps you to achieve just that!

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