Elegant Wedding Favors & Ideas

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Wedding favors are one of those little things that are so important to the overall look of the wedding and reception. It’s a token of appreciation that is given to the guest as a way of saying “thank you so much for coming!! We loved having you join us on our special day!” If you’re the one charged with coming up with the perfect choice of elegant wedding favor ideas, it can truly turn into a daunting task.

One of best places however, to look for inspiration for some wedding favor ideas is the bride and groom. Do they have a specific hobby or interest that drew them together? Are they childhood sweethearts? Perhaps they met in their golden years, and finally found true love the second time around. In either case, if you draw your inspiration from the love that the couple shares, everyone will know exactly where you got your ideas for elegant wedding favors and what they mean.

Another place to get some ideas for wedding favors is the place of the wedding ceremony. Is the happy couple getting married in a huge church with high stained glass windows? Or is the ceremony being performed outside in the park? If your wedding favor ideas reflect the surroundings of the ceremony, they will easily remind the guests of that special day.

Of course, most wedding ideas stem from the colors of the wedding. If the bride has chosen something with a blue or pink theme, some small candies or gifts that highlight those colors are a great choice. Most people simply use the wedding colors to choose the packaging of the wedding favors. Perhaps having a few actual favors of that color might be a welcomed addition.

One thing to consider is whether or not there will be children at the reception. If there is, they can be a wonderful inspiration for favor ideas. Just think of it from their point of view. A room full of adults all dressed up, eating weird food, and the children are expected to behave. In their eyes, one of the best wedding favor ideas would be to have an activity for them to do, such as a small puzzle or coloring book. Trust me; their parents will thank you for keeping them occupied.

Another greet place to get inspiration for some wedding favor ideas is the heritage of the happy couple. Do they come from families that are rich in traditions? Or perhaps their families have wonderful stories to share about their voyages to the United States? In any case, someone’s past can be a great place to get wedding ideas to speak to their future.

No matter where you get your inspiration for your wedding favor ideas, remember that they should be something simple, easy to hold, and remind the guests of how much fun they had during the special day. Whether you’re inspired by the bride and groom, their family, or perhaps the wedding location, your ideas are sure to be a hit with the guests and wedding party.

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