Choosing your Wedding DJ 101: Questions that you need to Ask!

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Whether you are the wedding planner, or it is your own wedding, a good wedding DJ is a must! Everyone focuses on the food, catering, cake, dress and transport. Everyone forgets about the importance of the wedding DJs! Without a proper DJ, you can run into a lot of trouble. Miss out on essential announcements, or worse the photographers and videographers miss out on capturing special moments!

You need to find a good DJ for wedding day! It might seem like a difficult task, but in reality, you just need to ask the right questions.

What Do Professional DJs offer to create the Perfect Ambience for your Wedding?

Music is an essential aspect of ever wedding juts like food and wedding venue! If, you do end up finding a reliable DJ, then you will have the best wedding. But, if you pass up on the opportunity, then you could ruin the wedding party! A professional DJ has a lot to offer. Here are just some of them:

1. A Huge Array of Music & Confidence to Tackle All Situations:

Each wedding has a certain theme or an ambience, the DJ must be equipped to play what is needed and desired. This way the ceremony is uplifted and made very special! From the entrance of the bride to the last song of the wedding party, all the songs must be selected carefully. But, at the party there might be a whole lot of factors to throw off the wedding mood. Only a professional DJ will be able to handle it all and maintain the mood of the party.

2. Understanding of the Situation:

When the bride is walking down the aisle, you play soft and mellow music, not some hip-hop number (until and unless the bride asks for that). The wedding party needs foot tapping music, except for the father-daughter dance! A novice might not know these technicalities and ruin your special day. A professional knows which music suits the ambience and situation.

These is just the tip of the ice-berg, the perks of a professional DJ is lying beneath the surface. Talk to a friend, colleague or relative, whose wedding you enjoyed and still remember. They will tell you about the complete package of benefits that the professional DJs have to offer!

What Question Do You Ask for Finding a Reliable Wedding DJ?

It is your wedding day, so do not feel shy about asking questions! A professional DJ will always be forthcoming and friendly. They will answer all your questions, if they do look apprehensive and uncommunicative, then that is the first sign of an unprofessional DJ. Here are the questions that you need to ask:

1. Is the DJ is a typical mobile DJ or a professional wedding DJ? A DJ who has not done a wedding gig will never be able to handle your wedding efficiently. If, they say yes, then do not forget to ask for testimonials and references!

2. Whether you hire a wedding DJ or a DJ agency, you will need to sit down before the wedding and plan out the music. Are they are willing to sit down for a meeting, if needed, multiple meetings? If, they are not willing to meet, then look for someone who is!

3. Will they arrive at the venue at least an hour before the actual wedding? The DJ has to set up all the equipment and run sound checks. Even if, they say yes, look up for references and talk to them about their experience.

4. Can the DJ also act as an MC (Master of Ceremonies)? A professional and experienced DJ will have no problem. Just ask about MC, do not spell it out for them. If, they do not understand the meaning of an MC it is time to look for a DJ, who does!

Phew, a lot of questions, right? But, believe us, it will be worth it! These questions will help you find the DJ in Sydney, who plays awesome wedding music in Sydney , creates the ambience and sets the mood for your dream wedding.


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