Unique Wedding Ceremony Destination Weddings

Unique Wedding Ceremony Destination Weddings
by Jen Carter

Finding the perfect location for a destination wedding can be difficult when you first begin planning for your wedding. There are so many aspects of a traditional wedding planning that the thought of throwing a wedding ceremony in a unique location or destination spot only adds to the planning details. But never fear, when planning a wedding for any unique location, you still simply follow a series of small plans. Once each detail has been fulfilled, the entire even will fall nicely into place.

Details you will want to start with when planning any unique wedding ceremony or destination wedding:

  • Is the location inspiring, beautiful and convey a special feeling to you? Is it a location you would tell all your friends about?
  • Detail the number of total people who wish to invite and need to be included, then contact these locations to inquire if this can be done
  • What is the cost of the venue / location?
  • Is the location accessible by vehicle?
  • Is there sufficient shelter in case of poor weather?
  • Does the venue have sufficient power supply to handle catering (if done) and any entertainment should the reception be held there as well?
  • Catering works well in this scenario and takes a lot of stress off the bride, groom and family / friends

Recently we attended a wedding at a unique ranch complete with a bed and breakfast. The ceremony took place in a beautiful grassy field, with a large white gazebo decorated in beautiful flower arrangements. There was a long pathway from the main house to the gazebo, and in the center of the field was a gorgeous dock with a pier and a boat. The bride followed the pathway to our gazebo (the pathway was decorated and lavished with archways strewn with vines and flowers, and rose petals were sprinkled on the path in heart shaped patterns)

Afterwards the reception was moved inside one of the smaller buildings. It was cozy to be sure, but was a magnificent event. The wedding decorations and favors were themed – in this case, beautiful chocolate wedding favors and ranch style (cowboy boot strap and match barrel favors) requested by the bride and groom.

All in all, planning a destination or unique wedding ceremony isn’t all that difficult as long as you stick to the basics, have fun, and most of all – enjoy your very special day.



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