How to find a reliable and professional wedding photographer

A wedding is a day that is cherished forever, by you and your guests, and therefore getting your special moments captured with the best professional photographer available is important, and should be chosen with care. This list below speaks about how go about finding a reliable and corporate wedding photographer in Sydney:

Look around for the best wedding photographer in your area (use Google Maps)

Before choosing the best wedding photographer for your special day, you need to have a clear head for the kind of wedding shoot you are looking for; traditional, classic or photojournalistic. Once you have chosen the genre of the shoot, it will be easier for you to narrow down and filter the potential photographers in Sydney.

Do your homework

Research starts at home and therefore make sure you have researched thoroughly before selecting the wedding photographer for your shoot. Read online reviews, take customer feedbacks, check testimonials and most importantly talk to the newlyweds who have got their wedding shoot done by them.

What should your research include?

1. Online Reviews

2. Testimonials

3. Word of Mouth

4. Website analysis

5. Go and see previous albums they have shot

Look at the past projects and galleries of the artist.

You will be indeed visiting the photographers’ studio for your indoor wedding shoot, check the past projects and the highlights of the album shot by the photographer. Also, ask the photographer for a full wedding album shot by him at a real wedding.

Things to look for when choosing the right professional wedding photographer:

1. Types of wedding album they offer

2. Accessibility of images online

3. Availability of negative or high-resolution photos

4. Do they offer a photo booth?

5. Is the travel charge included in the package?

6. Do you need to supply them with food or lunch?

Get your queries solved

Queries need to be answered. Ask many questions before choosing your professional photographer for your wedding. You need to be sure of who you are relying on to capture your special moments.

Questions you need to ask your wedding photographer?

1. How long have you been shooting for weddings?

2. Amount of time involved in the pre-wedding shoot.

3. Kind of equipment used for both indoor and outdoor shoots.

4. Production rights claimed by the photographer.

5. Ask about the wedding photography packages and their charges.

6. Ask for a photo delivery timeline.

7. Do you get to keep the RAW images / will all images be enhanced?

Confirm your photographer and videographer

Once you have chosen some of the potential professional photographers in Sydney, you need to narrow down the research after a complete inspection of past projects, artistic values etc. Confirm the photographer and videographer who will be solely responsible for the wedding album. Also, ask about the production rights that the photographer claims to have on your wedding pictures.

Some important things to keep in mind after choosing a professional wedding photographer:

1. Do not just hire a wedding photographer because they have a big professional studio with subordinates working under them. Meet the photographer(s) in person and specify your requirements

2. You need to connect with the photographer and be comfortable with them.

3. Have a look at the full wedding albums shot by the photographer at a real wedding.

4. Choose a photography studio that has all the necessary types of equipment required for a professional wedding shoot.

5. Ask the photographer if he has a backup plan in case of any uncertainty that comes during the shoot

6. Look at past shot wedding videos and their quality.

As you have read, wedding photography requires a lot of effort and expertise. Choosing a professional photographer will undoubtedly make your wedding look like a perfect fairytale framed into an album. Professional wedding photography studio like Faure Valletta Photography combines elements of documentation, fine art, photojournalism and romantic highlights which will capture every magical moment of your special day.







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