How to choose the best photographer for your big event

Photography is, in its true sense, an art. There are various branches and technicalities, like any other field, attached to it. There are landscape and nature photography where you see a scenic shot and capture it through your lens; there are Fashion and Product Photography with tall industrial lights to capture the essence of the subject; and then there’s Wedding and Event Photography where the photographer blends into the crowd, capturing moments, capturing memories; and a plethora of many more. With every click of the shutter, you may find yourself looking at an entirely new category. Such is the beauty and diversification this field offers.

However, choosing a event photographer in Oxfordshire for your special day may not be as easy as it seems. Here are a few pointers to better help you make a wise and informed decision:

Start Early: It is absolutely essential that you start early. The photographs are one of the highlights of any event. A good photographer can capture some fantastic memories for you that you will absolutely cherish. So, start looking for a suitable photographer as early as possible. Do keep in mind the budget you have in hand.

Analysing the Venue: Prior to getting a quote from your event photographer, conduct an analysis of the venue, the area to be covered, number of guests invited, critical socialising areas, etc. This will help you analyse the size of the photography team required. Oxfordshire and Surrey have some beautiful scenic locations that are worth checking out and might just be perfect for your event.

Searching Online: Go through carousels of various wedding photographers online. Each photographer has their own unique style of capturing through the lens. Identify the fundamental differences in their style of shooting and see which ones you can relate to the most. Most photographers are continually working on getting their content out and are active on social media. Look at their content coverage, the comments and reviews people leave for them. You may even ask your friends and family for a few recommendations.

Shortlisting: After going through various portfolios, shortlist the photographers that you feel are best suited to capture your memorable day.

Now that we’re over with shortlisting process, it is time to make a few calls and send in some emails to fix interviews with the photographers. Do try to keep at least a day’s gap between two meetings as this will better help in understanding each photographer’s unique style.

REMEMBER:  Keep making important notes throughout the discussion since you’ll rely on these later.

Understand the style of each photographer and how passionately they talk about their art. If they use a lot of technical jargon, be sure to understand it duly from them.

Ask them about the behind the scenes story of any picture that caught your attention in their portfolio.

Enquire about their post-production process along with how long it takes them to edit the pictures and how they will be sending it to you.

Do ask about the members that constitute their team and how many would be present on the day of the venue.

Take a note of their overall personality, the vibes you may get from them and your overall impression of the photographer. Make sure they are amicable and would get along with your guests well.

Once you’re through with the process, go over all your notes again, the budget in hand and make a wise decision. Now, when you receive the final images, they’ll be all that you imagined for, and time and again when you look back at them, you shall genuinely relive your memories.

Conclusion: These pointers and tips in helping choose an appropriate photographer will make all the difference and create the experience one that you will cherish for a long time.


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