Great News! You Can Now Jazz Up the Wedding Party with Photo Booths!

Wedding woes are common for all couples! Yours will be no different, from guest list to seating arrangement, and basically everything in between! A plethora of things can go wrong, but you have to calm down, and do everything possible to make this special day memorable for all. An interesting way to do that is adding a photo booth to the wedding party.

Get the checklist out! Dress, cake, catering, music, seating, venue and transport, all checked off? Good! Now, you need to find an agency that offers wedding photo booth hire services to add a fun aspect to the wedding. Create memories that you can look back at and smile. Isn’t this a great way to remember your wedding day? It definitely is!

3 Reasons for Hiring a Photo Booth for your Wedding Party

Hashtags and selfies have become a sensation! So, it should not be a surprise that photo booths have been gaining popularity at various events. Wedding is no different! Hiring Photo Booths have definitely become a popular occurrence at different weddings in London. May it be a formal black tie affair or a simple backyard wedding; a photo booth can add a quirky element and elevate the event. Still not sold on the idea of a photo booth at your wedding? Well, here are some reasons that might sway your decision, in favour of the photo booths:

1. “Thank You” Gifts:

A shot glass or a keychain are some of the usual gifts that many send out as a thank you gift for a wedding. Get rid of such clichéd gifts and create a lovely personalized gift with a fun photo from the photo booth. The gifts will be cherished and the best part, these will not burn a hole in the pockets. To make it even lighter on the pockets, you could create a photo strip, with different pictures (of course with the guest you are sending it to). Just mention the date and logo of your wedding day, to remind them of what a lovely time they had at your wedding.

2. No frills Candid Photo:

Wedding pictures are a great reminder for the special day. The ones that the professional photographer clicks look beautiful, right? But, a few impromptu photos would not be a bad idea. Unedited and completely natural! After all, that is what captures raw emotions. Grab your friends or mom and dad, to click pictures that exude happiness and warmth with a touch of quirkiness.

3. Good Entertainment:

A wedding DJ offers innumerable tunes and tracks to capture the essence of the wedding day. It also acts as a lovely way to entertain guests and keep them happy. Not everyone would like to dance, though! So, what do they do, feel bored? No, definitely not!  A photo booth would be an innovative entertainment option. You could add a few fun props to the photo booth and everyone can have a gala time clicking funny pictures. The goofy smiles and looks can say a thousand words, creating cherished memories!

Photo Booths at Your Wedding: A Smart & Brilliant Idea

Who knew that the humble photo booth had so much power?! Professional photographers capture some posed and some impromptu pictures, but the people in photo are always aware about the picture being shot.

A photo booth, on the other hand, always brings out the funny and wild side of the guests! Your paternal aunt might not know the bride’s aunt; a line up for the photo booth can bring together such people and forge great conversations. These bonds usually last till the end of the wedding party, while some last a lifetime!

Your goal is to create a memorable day for all, guests and yourself! A photo booth will create both and keep everyone talking about your wedding day, days after the wedding has ended (in a positive way, of course). Who would not want that, right? Call a reputed photo booth hire agency and book yours today! They might even have quirky ideas for your photo booth and customize them just for you!



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