From Proposal to Wedding, Use Helicopters to make the Event Romantic & Special!

Wedding day is so special for the couple, so why not take it up a notch higher? The flower, cake, catering and wedding dress has been taken care of. Your transportation in luxury limos also sound awesome, but what about using a helicopter for your entry and/or exit? Just imagine the expression on the guests’ faces! Better still keep it a secret from your partner. When he/she will come to know about the thought of flying off to the honeymoon in helicopter, we are sure that they will be thrilled!

You might not own a helicopter, but agencies offering helicopter charter in London will help you out! The twinkle in your partner’s eye is perhaps the best gift of your wedding. Apart from the wedding entrance and exit, you could also plan an elaborate proposal! Sounds exciting?! Then, get on with it and find a reputed helicopter charter agency.

Ideas to Make Proposal & Wedding Special with a Chartered Helicopter

Chartered helicopters have become synonymous with business meets! Well, they might have been in the past, but in recent times these have caught on like wild fire for romantic gestures. So, why not take advantage of the helicopter charter services? They will definitely make your wedding or marriage proposal special? Well, you should! Here are some ideas that can make that day much more special:

Proposal: Proposal for marriage with a ring at a candle light dinner sounds so romantic, right?! But, it is one of the most commonly used methods as well! Do you want to be a commoner, or use this innovative way to make it a unique experience for your partner? We hope you take the “unique” route! You could take it two ways, with the helicopter charter:

1. Take that special person out on a helicopter ride over the city and just as the sun is about to set in the horizon, pull out the ring! Just imagine the look of surprise and pleasure on your partner’s (your future fiancée) face! This is what you had been looking for, right?! Who could say no to that (not to factor in the fact that you are hundreds of feet in the air)?! Just joking, but this is a proposal that is sure to form lovely memories!

2. Propose on the ground, but why not tie the million dollar question to the tail of a helicopter and make them fly it over your head? This is a public proposal, but the cheer that erupts, when the special one says yes, can create a cherished moment! Just make the arrangements with a reputed helicopter charter service! They should not miss you the cue. It could spoil the whole moment!

You could even carry out the “Will you be my Valentine” kind of proposals using helicopter charters!

Wedding Entry & Exit: Wedding day is special; enhance it with a helicopter charter. Make your grand entrance in a helicopter or better you could ride away (or rather fly away) in a helicopter. A limo is too common, right?! Surprise your better half! The pure joy of riding in a helicopter to your honeymoon can be a romantic beginning to your awesome honeymoon.

Plan it all with a reputed helicopter charter service for making these events special. If, you have a reliable agency on your side, you will have guaranteed success in creating cherished memories. Wedding or proposal, why do it the plain way? Hire chartered helicopters in the UK and make these events remarkable and memorable! Just imagine, a few years down the line, you will be able to look back and reminisce about your romantic moment.


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