Avoid Wedding Reception Disaster with Professional DJs!

Wedding day jitters? Well, once you are past those, you need to think about the next part; the wedding reception party! Every couple dreams of an amazing party that is full of fun and dance. For that party of your dreams, you need to get an expert DJ for sure.

With experts handling the music of your reception party, you will definitely have a memorable party. You could hire a friend and save a few bucks, but, that would be risking the success of your party. You need an expert, who specializes in wedding music around Sydney.

  • What Could Go Wrong When an Unprofessional DJ Handles Wedding Reception Music?

Planning your wedding reception can be nerve-racking. Would you really want to face problems during the reception party? Avoid any problem, related to the wedding music, with a professional DJ. Hire an unprofessional one and you risk running into one or all of the following problems:

1. Empty Dance FloorsHave you ever been to a wedding reception where the DJ keeps playing music, but, the crowd is never engaged to dance? This happens because the DJ is not experienced enough to handle the situation. The DJ might be too rigid to vamp up the playlist. All of these factors spell disaster for the wedding reception party! Do not let this happen to you. Hire an experienced and reputed DJ, If needed, from an agency. They have a playlist, which caters to different kinds of crowd. They also know what changes will get the crowd up on their feet and dancing.

2. Muted DJ: Sound checks in advance ensure that there are ho hiccups in that area during the party. It is an aspect that may not occur to an amateur DJ. The want of it, however, is capable to sending your party haywire! Or worse still, imagine sound check once the guests have arrived! Disastrous, isn’t it?! A professional DJ arrives at the venue early to set up and prepare for an unforgettable experience. They have the best and latest equipment, so that you can have the best sound quality.

3. Shunning Other responsibilities: Professional DJs can also second as Master of Ceremonies (MC). They are skilled orators who know how to connect with the crowd. If, you have an expert DJ, then he/she will do it all with flying colours. This means that the DJ has many tasks, right from introducing the couple and the families, to announcing the dinner.

4. No Records of the First Dance: When the sound checks are not conducted, chances are that the photographer and videographer miss recording the start of your first dance. The entrance that you had practised with your partner for so long goes unrecorded! Do you really want that? Call in a professional DJ, who will make sure that everyone gets to hear all the announcements.

5. Wrong Genre of Music: An inexperienced DJ might end up playing the wrong kind of music, and give the party the feel of a nightclub, instead of a high-end wedding reception. When you have an expert DJ, he/she will make sure that requests are kept to a minimum, without disrespecting the guests. So you and your guests get to enjoy a rocking playlist!

6. Absent DJ: If, wedding jitters were not enough, now you have to worry about the DJ as well! Imagine the following scenario; you are getting ready, and news arrives that the DJ cancelled at the last moment. This is a common scenario that couples have to deal with. That is, if they hire unprofessional DJs. A professional DJ has his/her reputation at stake, and will never cancel the job, once committed.

Phew! That is a huge list of problems. Do you really want to deal with all of this on your wedding day? Wedding is supposed to be one of the most special days in your life. Hire professional DJs for the wedding party, and, create special moments. The professionals will work with you and handle all problems effectively. Professional DJs create the enchanting wedding you had always planned! We can almost visualise the romantic newly married couple dance locked in each other’s arms.


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