7 Unique Entrance Or Exit Ideas For The Newly Weds On Their Special Day

A wedding is the most important day in your life, but what are your plans for the Big Day? You must’ve already planned for the food, decor and guests, right? What about the essential part: entrance and exit? What have you prepared for that special moment? Read on for some exciting ideas that will enhance your experience of your special day.

The following are some creative, grand wedding entrance/exit ideas that will leave your guests wowed:

1. Yacht

If your wedding venue is near the beach, then entering/exiting on a yacht will just leave everyone speechless. Imagine your guests waiting for you two, and you surprise them with a massive yacht, or right after the ceremonies, you two go up to your beautiful yacht & leave. You have to plan it perfectly because you need them to look at the right place, at the right time to make the moments memorable for all. Update your photographers on your entrance/exit plan properly to make sure everything is captured perfectly.

2. Celebrities

Are you or your better half fond of celebrities? Do you have connections in the industry; someone who can invite celebrities to your special day? Just imagine: if either or both of you enter with your favourite Hollywood celebrities, will it make your guests go crazy? It might require you to do little extra work to get them prepared for the event, but walking the aisle with Tom Hiddleston will be really impressive.

3. Helicopter

Have you thought of how you will leave the venue after the ceremonies? Is a helicopter exit plan ever crossed your mind? Are you looking for a helicopter wedding hire in the UK? It will be pretty fantastic if you can plan such an exit because not only will it look cool, but will also let you have an amazing view with your love, right after your special moments.

4. Pets

Are you in love with animals? Do you have any pets at home? Why not plan an entrance with your pets? Will it not be the most adorable part of the day? Yes, you are imagining it right now, and you are pretty inclined to this idea as well. Then, what are you waiting for? Bring in a trainer, order in the dresses and practice it well. Even if things don’t work in sync, it will still look the cutest moment ever.

5. Stretch-limousine

If you want your entrance or exit to the wedding venue be the classiest moment of your life, then hiring a stretch-limousine will help you do it. Imagine: reaching the venue in an eighteen-door limousine, which is equipped with your favourite champagne and chocolates to elevate your experience. Even an exit plan in one will be pretty awesome because apart from offering you a comfortable experience, it will look real-smooth. It is not a difficult thing to plan, but make sure you hire a reliable agency.

6. Piggy-back ride or a sidecar drive

Is being adorable and charming your thing? Why not show the world how much you love that person? You can either get a motorcycle with a sidecar designed especially for your entry or exit or choose to have a piggy-back ride out of the venue. The sidecar option is pretty cute, but a piggy-back exit is pretty charming as well. It will express your love for the person you decided to spend the rest of your life with.

We know that making the most special day of your life even more exceptional is your desire, and still, you might avoid ideas which can go wrong, but don’t you think that special moment deserves a beautiful risk?

                                                        Plan it well! Execute it excellently!



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