7 Essential Factors To Consider Before Finalising An Wedding Venue

Congratulations on your engagement!

Where are you planning all the ceremonies? Do you have a venue in mind? What are your requirements for the venue? Have you finalised a theme? What does your event planner have to suggest for the site? Are you looking for cost-effective, beautiful function rooms in Bunbury?

Don’t Miss Out On These Crucial Factors

A wedding is the most important day in anyone’s life, which is why people aim to make it perfect by choosing the best event planner, decor, theme and venue. You can select a high-rated event planner, your favourite theme and accordingly, decor, but how would you finalise a venue? Ever thought of this? Discuss all the details with your event planner before taking a firm decision.

There are many factors that need to be considered before finalising a venue, such as:

1. Location

You don’t want your loved ones to travel very far from their place, which raises the need to finalise a venue which is at a close distance to everyone. This is usually a crucial concern because it is a difficult task to accomplish. If the location is not nearby, then also you have to make sure that there is parking space for the ones who will bring their car.

2. Size of the venue

The size of the venue matters majorly for three reasons, i.e. number of guests, theme and budget. If you have invited a considerable number of people, then you have to make sure that the venue you finalise should have sufficient space for everyone. Similarly, if your theme is to portray a grand wedding function, then you have to finalise a large function room as well. The budget comes into consideration when the other two are being considered precisely.

3. Themes possible

Not every theme is possible in all function rooms, right? More than that, some function rooms provide you resources to decide a particular theme of your choice. So, when you are going to finalise a room for your special day, make sure you check the place adequately to take an informed decision on your wedding theme.

4. Acoustics

Most people miss out on this factor, but it really is one of the most critical ones on the list. What if people are not able to enjoy the band that you have invited to your wedding or not listen to the best man’s speech? Would you like that? No, right? But do you know why such things happen? It is because of the acoustics of the place. If the place does not have good acoustics, then be prepared to have upset guests and performers, and if you don’t want that, then consider this factor with care.

5. Budget

You obviously have a fixed budget for your big day but have you decided on what you would like to spend on the venue? Make that decision before you finalise a place to avoid spending either too much or having to say no to any decor or entertainment options. The budget plays an essential role in the decision making process.

6. Venue policies

Don’t forget to take into consideration the policies of the venue that you are planning on finalising to avoid issues later on. Every venue has different terms and conditions, like fines or penalties on cancellation or specific times, etcetera. It is always better to be informed beforehand to ensure a perfect result.

7. Facilities & equipment

The rate of the function room may not only be because of its size or location, but it may also be because of the facilities & equipment that is present there. Enquire about it when you meet the authorities to understand if they have what you require for your theme or not and if they don’t, then what is the policy of bringing equipment from outside. It includes electrical supplies, lighting, decorations, silverware and many more things that you may need.

                                                        Visit! Ask! Consider! Finalise!


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