All You Need To Know About Magic Mirrors And Their Fantastic Benefits

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The magic mirror is also known as the selfie mirror – the cutting edge piece of technology that has been introduced newly to the mainstream consumers in the United Kingdom. Therefore, consumers who are wary of this new launch will ultimately get confused about whether to get a traditional photo booth or use the magic mirror instead. Thus, it’d be wise to have a clear understanding of the technology before even spending one dime of your hard-earned money. 

Even though to the normal untrained eye, both the photo booth and the best selfie mirror photo booth will look to be the same – but underlying there are big differences that needed to be explained. 

The Brilliant Merits Of Using Magic Mirrors

  • Great For Group Shots

When you compare photo booths and magic mirrors in pure picture quality comparison, then there’s no doubt that photo booths will have the edge. The reason is that in photo booths, the camera is exposed to the subject. Whereas in case of a magic mirror, the camera or DSLR stays behind the glass. 

But, there’s a substantial reason for taking such a decision. First of all, when the camera is behind the mirror – such a setup will be great for subjects that are placed further away, meaning it’s a great option for taking group photos at events or even parties. Secondly, when coming to the real results – you’ll not notice any major differences. The prints will look just the same if not identical, which makes this a more worthy investment in the long-run.

  • The Space Saving

There’s really no such contest when it comes to space-saving, between the magic mirror and a photo booth – the magic mirror indeed has the upper hand. Your magic mirror can easily sit in the corner of your room, discreetly, without any issues or problems. Even though you still need sufficient floor space to fit in your magic mirror – but the space needed will be very small and you’ll not be worried much about it. 

This feature will indeed very handy if your space is small enough to accommodate guests as well as a photo booth – which the magic mirror can easily solve without much hassle. 

  • The Overall Accessibility

Coming to the accessibility part and again it’s the magic mirror that jumps far ahead of photo booths. The magic mirror is suited for anyone of any age to use it. These include small children as well as regular party-goers. When compared to photo booths, there are no such enclosed booths to enter – which makes accessibility a whole lot easier as well. 

Moreover, group photos will finally be possible, which you couldn’t do with photo booths – since photo booths can accommodate only three or four people. 

  • The Overall Features

When you compare the magic mirror to the photo booth in terms of features, the magic mirror will definitely appeal to you in terms of new-generation technological features. With the help of a magic mirror, you can add a backdrop in your photos – which is not possible with photo booths. 

Furthermore, the design of the magic mirror indeed looks much luxurious, making it a showpiece to keep in your place, especially when you have guests around. You’ll be able to add emoticons as well as sign the photos if you want – including the addition of gesture controls and the option to click large group photos.

  • The Overall Fun Factor

Even though photo booths are fun, magic mirrors take it to the next level. The ability to sign your pictures combined with the fantastic novelty factor makes sure that the excitement is always there when you use it. 

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