A Detailed Guide for the Beginners to Buy an Acoustic Electric Guitar!

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So, you have finally got the musical bug in you and you’ve decided to buy a guitar after all! Now, no one can stop you! Just the feeling of getting an awesome new device for your new musical lessons or experimental tunes is exciting! Once you play your first note and create a melodious tune, the rest is history! But for getting that novel feeling of creating an astounding tune, you need to have the best guitar too! And choosing this needs some close attention and proper research!

An acoustic electric guitar from Hill Sound, who host a vast collection of acoustic guitars available in different colours, shapes and sizes in the best quality, are the best guitars to own if you desire an incredible experience while playing your favourite musical instrument. But when you are out to buy the same, the variants offered is enough to confuse you, and you suddenly feel that you have absolutely no idea which guitar you should be choosing from them.

Tips to help you choose the best acoustic guitar for yourself!

While all guitars have different properties and each of them excels the other in a phenomenal way, not all of them may be well suited for you. That is why we are here to help you choose the best guitar amongst the many that may help you enhance your talent incredibly.

  • The budget factor — Budget plays an important role when you are off to buy an acoustic electric guitar. Since it’s acoustic and electric, you can expect a good amount of remuneration. And if you are just a fresher going to pass your time with it on a beach or simply play it in your room, then you need not spend much on it (and an average quality guitar would work for you). And if you’re a diehard guitar fan and ready to explore career opportunities with it, then a guitar of good quality would be needed for the same. What we suggest here is, avoid spending too much on its tuners or other parts and simply buy an incredible guitar with a little high budget that shall work well for you and stay with you for long. You can keep adding the accessories with time.
  • Choosing the right guitar — It’s choosing the right guitar not the best one! There is no rule book for right and wrong when you are choosing a guitar. Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better, and if a particular guitar is popular doesn’t mean that it’s most suitable for you. An acoustic guitar comes in all shapes and sizes; and always remember, if someone else finds a particular guitar suitable and good for them, it may not necessarily be the same case for you. In order to choose the right one, pick one out, try giving it a few good strums and then decide based on the look, feel and sound.
  • The right set up — Whichever guitar you choose to buy must be extremely comfortable to play too. Incase the action is too high or the strings are placed far from the fretboard, then your fingers will definitely pay a price for this choice. Apart from this, it may be a sign saying that the neck of it is bowed too. As a beginner or if you are buying an electric player and your first acoustic, you will find light strings and a low action better for your needs, rather than taking the one with loud sound and higher actions. Even the proper tone of the guitar is impacted by how low or high the guitar is tuned up or down the neck. Though tuning and other such minor problems like fret buzz can be taken care of easily, there may be some major changes or adjustments that would be needed, which would require quite a bit of work. For that, you can let the dealer do the necessary alterations and adjustments, and then send it to you.
  • The type of wood — The type of wood used in the making of a guitar along with its quality and combination determines its tone. Most entry level models are made up of laminated wood, that doesn’t age with time. While intermediate guitars are mostly made of solid wood tops incorporated with laminated back and sides. Whereas, the best instruments are usually built of solid wood that produces a richer and comparatively resonant sound. You can choose a one either made with mahogany, spruce, cedar or synthetic wood. But remember to try playing the sound and differentiating its effect from the others before deciding the type you want! 

Apart from these, selecting a guitar with a beautiful design or colour that’s your favourite is something very subjective. But for the above features, be sure to double check them and then end up investing in an awesome guitar!

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