6 fabulous ideas to organise a lit office party

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Organising a party requires talents and vision, and if you are organising an office or corporate party, then you definitely need double doses of it. Corporate parties are a great way to meet other people of the same industry and chill with your colleagues, for a change. Even though hiring an event planner is a must have, there are a few small additions from your end which can make the vibes groovy in the room. For a personal input which won’t go unnoticed, read on and thank us later.

1. Attractive games and activities

The idea of an office party is to help employees loosen up and have the time of their lives with their colleagues in a fun environment. Incorporating games and activities will give them an edge over boredom and corporate talks, and will serve as a great medium of entertainment. Scavenger hunt, musical chairs, dart board, foosball, Tug-o-war and other such games would serve your purpose quite well. You could choose beer pong and lemon spoon for something unconventional.

2. Photo props

What’s a party where you didn’t click quirky pictures to remember the event by? This is the thought your attendees will be having too when they will be enjoying the party but won’t have anything funky to click. Ask your photographer to get some props or you can even sit with your colleagues and create some of your own with cardboard, white paper and sketch pens. For a better effect, you can opt for a photobooth as well which will come with a stunning background and whole loads of props. This will surely make you the most popular person for the entire night.

3. Groovy DJ

If you don’t see your guests dancing, then you must know that your party is a flop already. When you see guests grooving on the dance floor and enjoying to the fullest, that’s when you can give yourself some credit for making their night wonderful. Contact services dealing in dance floor hire in Perth to get your hands on one of the most stunning dance floors which will make anyone want to dance. Choose a great DJ for best playlists and, since he would know how to keep the crowd captivated, every person present in the party will have a great time.

4. Classic themes

A great theme is the start point of your awesome office dinner party planning. Choose something classic which won’t constraint your guests with a mandatory theme dress-up, but would be easy to incorporate in their choice of attire. Office dinner party themes depends on your general office environment, so be very careful. If your office follows a strict management and code of conduct policy ( super corporate environment) arabian nights might not be the best choice for you, but a time era theme like the 70s or the 80s would work well for you.

5. Karaoke night

Let all the singers come out of the shadow and show off their amazing singing skills with a great karaoke night. Choose a variant playlist which would cover a variety of genres and are perfect to create an ambience. If you are the worst singer on this planet, karaoke is going to be super fun for you!

6. Entertainment! Entertainment! Entertainment!

Keeping your guests entertained should be one of your primary focal points. Make sure they are not bored even for a minute with back-to-back activities and shows. You can opt for a 5-10 minutes dance show for power packed entertainment. If you want to keep it light then hiring a comedian or a magician would work wonders for you. Since their involvement is important as well, conduct contests for keeping the night alive.

When you get in touch with companies providing party hire in Perth, make sure you keep everything in accordance with the theme for authentic feels. Use these tips to your advantage, and show yourself as the best event planner your company ever had. Good luck!

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