6 Essential Questions To Ask Your Wedding DJ To Make Your Special Day Flawless

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Are you planning your Big Day soon? Are you trying your best to make the day simply perfect? Do you have everything under control? Are the flowers selected, venue booked, wedding DJ confirmed and vows written?

Are you looking for an experienced wedding DJ in Melbourne?

Be prepared to have the best day of your life; cherish every second and treasure every moment beautifully!

 Tick one by one

If there is still time to finalise a wedding DJ, then make sure you ask the following questions to make sure he is the perfect expert for your Special Day:

1. Is this your full-time business? What is your forte?

If you are looking for an expert who puts less pressure on your pockets, then hiring a freelancer is the right way to go, but if you desire is to enhance the appeal of your wedding day, then hire an expert whose full-time business is DJing because then only he can assure you of a flawless performance. Also, make sure that the forte of the expert is weddings and not corporate or weekend party events because the crowd and ambience are completely different for different types of events.

2. Do you customise the music for every couple? Do you have any song suggestions for us?

You need to confirm if he uses the same set of tracks for every couple, or does he customise it for every couple. If he chooses the latter then dig a little more by asking what is the process he follows, how does he customise it, does he have a questionnaire which he asks the couple to fill, does he have any song suggestions for you, does he have any particular music expression? It is always better to know the process of the professional before hiring him.

3. What do you do to get the crowd pumped?

You obviously don’t want your guests to get bored or feel low. So, don’t hesitate to ask the professional what he does to make sure that the crowd is having a good time. You can even throw in suggestions because you know your guests well. This will make sure that the crowd stays pumped in throughout the ceremony.

4. Do you have any samples?

Once, you are little convinced about the professional, then go ahead and ask for samples or old recordings that you can hear. This will help you understand if the expert is perfect for you or not. You can even ask him about previous gigs, and the comments he had received over the year. You cannot make a mistake when it comes to your wedding day, so you can do anything that you is in your power, but just don’t decide in a hurry.

5. What equipment do you use? What’s for back-up?

The next question should be about the equipment that he uses. The latest equipment is not always better because what you want at your wedding is an exceptional, flawless performance that may not be possible if he does not have a considerable amount of experience with the equipment. Also, ask about backup equipment in case the ones he uses stops working on the performance day. If his equipment clears off your expectation, then just switch to the next question then.

6. What other services does your agency offer?

You won’t have just music at your wedding, right? You require lighting or even video screens to add more beautiful elements to the day. Ask the expert if the agency that he is associated with also offers services like these because those professionals must be familiar with the DJ’s work, and they all can collaborate to make the performance even more memorable and perfect.

Always be ready to ask what you have in your heart because your wedding day needs to be amazing; there’s no doubt about that! Take extra precautions to make everything beautiful and pleasant.

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