5 main reasons why the older DJs control the EDM scene

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When it comes down to the EDM scene in America, one thing is for sure. And that is the fact that the older DJs run and control most of the scene. Even though this may be hard for a lot of people to believe, the very same DJs that were at the forefront of raves all the way back in 1990 are still going strong even today.

That fact that certain legendary DJs in another league of talents such as Fatboy Slim and Carl Cox are still the talk of the town today is enough proof of the fact that older DJs have a grip on the scene like never before. Small wonder that regardless of whether you are looking for an electric organ for sale or happen to be visiting a guitar store in Manchester, the genre of EDM is stronger than ever today, being one of the main music preferences of the youth.

Having said that, it is only natural that most of us end up asking the question “But how come most of the older DJs still have such a vast level of control over the scene and are able to pull in most of the young crowd even today?”. Well, let us look at the top five reasons as to why this is the case:-

  • The fact that they own most of the labels: With many of them having started their very own labels from the beginning, you can bet that they know just how to promote and manage music better than most people out there. Since back then it was the time of vinyl, they made sure that they had a great tune along with a thorough promotional campaign to get their hands on the best distribution deal.

  • They have a history: This aspect is extremely important today, especially when you consider the fact that more and more middle-aged people are attending festivals as compared to the younger crowd. That itself is bound to ensure that promoters end up creating a line-up of older DJs rather than new ones so that the crowd will be able to identify with the music a lot more. Not to mention the fact that the older DJs have failed and learned from their mistakes.

  • Their ability to spot a hit: You have to remember that experienced DJs have spent years listening to new tracks and then testing the same music in all the clubs out there. Hence, they can spot good music from the mediocre music in an instant. Ultimately that is the aspect that makes all the difference in the world of music. Working in diverse music markets all across the board does help in this particular regard.

  • The aspect of a stable platform: Since they have been doing this for years, there is no need for them to prove their talent to anyone out there as pretty much everyone knows of them and their music. It is as simple and straightforward as that. Not to mention that they have had a proper education as well as a thorough hands-on experience with different facets of the music industry. Plus they have also spent many years on end bringing their music to the mainstream and a larger audience on the whole.

  • They are known to most people out there: In this case, Facebook and Twitter numbers don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things if one is a brand new DJ and sees no success within a year or so. Whereas in the case of the older DJs, the simple fact of the matter is that their legacy and fanbase speaks for themselves. 

At the end of the day, it is crucial that most people understand just how both the older and younger DJs can help each other out in different ways. For instance, the younger DJs are experts at social media trends having grown and witnesses the rise of the Internet.

On the other hand, the older DJs have had a lot more experience in the music scene as a whole since they started their journey decades ago witnessing the rise and fall of many music trends and artists alike.

So the younger generation of DJs can certainly help their older counterparts with the understanding of social media trends. While the older DJs can help out the younger crowd with certain key aspects such as personal marketing, placement, and promotion. That way, the current DJs are sure to look to their predecessors as inspirational people while building and expanding the music scene in new and exciting ways.

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